Retreat Weekend Copper Mountain

The weekend of June 10-12, 2016 Copper Mountain Resort once again was the venue for the Sound of the Rockies’ R & R, 2016, but that’s not the Rest and Recuperation one might think. For those who strive for excellence R & R means Repertoire and Rigor or perhaps Review and Repeat, maybe even Refine and Regale.

Gates Concert HallGates Concert Hall

Gates Concert HallGates Concert Hall

Gates Concert Hall

It amounts to intense rehearsing with special attention to how our two contest songs project visually. With constant fine tuning by our choreography coach, Erin Howden, from Toronto, we perfect our moves, timing, finesse and general showmanship. It’s also a time to assemble, wire, paint, and decorate our stage props whose appearance, positioning, quiet movement, and dependability are crucial to a flawless performance.

For a glimpse of the final product here’s a short clip from our uptune performance one month later in Nashville: