As our 2018-19 season gets underway, we are extremely excited to introduce our patrons and fans to the new look and feel of Sound of the Rockies.

Our award-winning chorus has a long tradition of excellence as one of the top five barbershop choruses in the world. We are proud of our legacy and of our reputation for a varied and innovative repertoire that requires us to give our all at every performance. We are also proud of our longstanding efforts to create a forward-looking organization that builds on our history.

Over the summer, Sound of the Rockies executed the first part of a strategic plan for the future. This week — just in time for our 2018-19 season — we are delighted to launch a new website and brand. Through our new digital home, Sound of the Rockies seeks to:

  • Appeal to an ever-growing audience of fans of all ages and walks of life.
  • Build an increasingly diverse ensemble (Join us!).
  • Take on an even more active role in the Denver arts community. Since we officially became Sound of the Rockies in 2000, we have been honored to engage the community through our free voice lessons, performances throughout metro Denver and our work with youth choruses and quartets. We wish to do more!

With those priorities in mind, we collaborated with the Denver-based communications firm, Media Salad, to develop a website that reflects Sound of the Rockies’ enthusiastic personality; is easy to navigate; and is welcoming to a new generation of performers, fans and community partners. The new Sound of the Rockies logo — a bold, blue musical note — is contemporary and distinctly reflective of our beautiful mountainsides.

Our makeover couldn’t have come at a better time because the 2018-19 Sound of the Rockies season promises to be exceptional!

Again this year, we have three fantastic shows slated for the University of Denver’s prestigious Newman Center for the Performing Arts. If you have not already signed up for your Sound of the Rockies season tickets, now is the time to subscribe to reserve your seats for these popular shows at a reduced price. You also can purchase tickets to individual shows — but make sure you do so before they sell out!

This season, your support of Sound of the Rockies could also honor one of the most important days in world history. Our chorus is greatly humbled to have been invited to be the sole vocal ensemble from the United States to perform at the 75th anniversary D-Day ceremony in Normandy, France, in June 2019. Please learn more about this historic commemoration — and help all of our members get there.

These are just a few of the highlights of the Sound of the Rockies 2018-19 season, so enjoy our new website and check our calendar often to find out how you can experience the Sound of the Rockies in 2018-19.