Singing Valentines – Operators Standing By

Each year the number of Singing Valentines delivered gets larger with no end in sight. And each year the number of participating quartets grows. A record 180 deliveries were made in 2016 and a goal of 300 is within reach. The uniqueness of the idea and the enjoyment had by all, giving and receiving, is what makes the Singing Valentine an easy ‘sell’. If you’re not part of a Singing Valentine quartet you need to join one because until you do you won’t know what it’s like to bring so much joy to people. And if you’ve witnessed the singing of two love songs to an unsuspecting recipient you know what it’s like to see so many happy people sharing an emotional moment. Orders are taken online at Deliveries are made at home, at work, at a restaurant, in a park, or anywhere. Say “I Love You” with a song and you’ll have created a memory that outlasts all other gifts.