Missed Ready? Set. Sing! this fall? Make sure you sign up for next year!

Sound of the Rockies is wrapping up another successful session of the program in which we invite anyone who loves singing to join us for four weeks of free voice lessons.

The program goes to the heart of SOR’s mission to serve our metro-Denver community by enriching and inspiring singers of all ages and backgrounds. For more than five years now about 50 students, have joined us for four evenings each fall to build their skills with the support of master voice coaches.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for singers to come in at any level — from beginning to advanced — to get some basic voice instruction, have the opportunity to improve their voices, and to spend time with other people who really enjoy singing,” said voice instructor Mary Ann Kehler, who returned to teach at Ready? Set. Sing! for the fifth time this year. During sessions, Mary Ann covers everything from voice exercises and breathing techniques to tone and posture.

The most rewarding part of the program, according to Mary Ann, is when participants tell her that they aren’t really singers, but then discover their potential.

“You put them through some exercises, get them working, and it doesn’t take long before you can say to them: ‘You might not have been a singer 10 minutes ago, but you are now,” Mary Ann said.


What our students say


Ultimately, Ready? Set. Sing’s goal is to get more people singing whether it’s in a community choir, a chorus, the car or the shower. And, that’s exactly, what this year’s participants are determined to do:

“I used to sing as a kid in choirs,” explained one student. “After everything I’ve learned over the last few weeks, I really looking forward to getting back into it. This has really inspired me to look for a choir.”

Our beginners, agreed, telling us that they are eager to find more opportunities to sing because of their Ready? Set. Sing! experience. “I’ve never been in a choir before,” explained one participant. “I’ve always been in band and never got to use my voice, but this is an instrument I was born with. I found the class makes me not only sing better but talk better, pronounce better. It also made me realize that singing just makes me happy.”

Others enjoyed the social aspect of the experience. It’s a great community-building activity. Students work with others, of all backgrounds, in a group that has one common goal — to make great sounds.

“I really liked the variety of people in the group,” said a participant. “The instructors were fabulous, we learned a lot of tips and techniques, and they always made sure that we never lost sight of the joy and fun of singing together.”